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From a conversation, a design brief, an architect’s drawing, or even from a scribble on the back of scrap paper, our design team has over 30 years’ experience and knowledge to take your ideas and bring them to life.



Like any bespoke project, the raw materials are fundamental.  At Innovate we source the most beautiful materials....purely natural veneers, exotic solid timbers, beautiful fabrics, crystal finish glass and exquisite metal work to name but a few.

Whether you’re located at the most northerly tip of Scotland, or the deepest corner of England, our committed and courteous delivery drivers are on hand to assist. Alternatively our installation team can be there on time, and ready to turn your ideas into a reality.


We work alongside a number of designers throughout the UK to design, manufacture and install their concepts. This exquisite furniture manufactured in our Leeds based workshop is certain to accentuate the interior beauty within any living space, whilst not compromising on the functionality or longevity of each piece.


Innovate Furniture, Commerical, Hospitality, Residential,

We have undertaken a number of projects for different areas of the retail market, each specification from individual clients, varies in such a way that is unique to the retail sector they are working within. We are able to take your vision and create the perfect and functional area to showcase your products or services.

Unique detailing and opulent, high quality materials are the main components we use to create the most state-of-the-art environments, where all expectations are exceeded and showcased into stunning locations our clients can be proud of.



We're all about simple, bespoke, innovative design to create that perfect piece of hotel furniture, guest public area, commercial interior, beautiful fitted bedroom, or office space.

With a Hotel furniture design and manufacturing background, Innovate originally started as a team of two, assisting private and commercial clients gain the most from their projects, by offering alternative construction methods and value engineering to their ideas, before assisting them with the project management, final design, manufacture and installation.

By pulling the core manufacturing back within our control, it gives us the opportunity to make swift changes, keep on top of our quality, and reduce costs to our customers by cutting out un-necessary third party suppliers. In essence have achieved more stability over the products we manufacture.

Offering the same design, and value engineering solutions, but cutting out the need for any third party suppliers.

 We have a highly skilled team of CAD draughts people, joiners, French polishers and installation teams, that can offer the flexibility and commitment that a bespoke project often requires.

We believe furniture should be stylish yet robust, whether you’re going for the more traditional look, or for a contemporary feel. It should be able to do whatever you need it to do, for as long as you need it. It should offer value for money without looking “cheap” but should also complement the image of your branding and identity.


This is why Innovate Furniture’s core value is to produce something that’s truly unique within its surroundings, and create the perfect workable space for maximum enjoyment.



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